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Rest Easier Knowing That SeizureLink Will Be There For You or a Loved One…Day or Night!


Fast & Accurate Alerting System - Made Simple!

Linda and Kingston

"Before SeizureLink I was just a big ball of worry, constant worry. My son was having a lot of seizures in his sleep. How could I know if he was in trouble? How would I be able to help him? I tried other devices, things that would alert us if he seized, but none of them even came close to doing what SeizureLink does for us. The first night we put it on him, it alerted us that he was having a seizure at 5:50 am. I immediately felt relief. We are so thankful! " - Linda

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology backed by research, we’ve created the new standard in personal alerting systems based on muscle, not motion: The SeizureLink System. 

The SeizureLink System was designed to do one job: to more accurately and quickly connect you with help. Using muscle, not motion, the SeizureLink System is based on surface electromyography (sEMG). This revolutionary new alerting system sends out an alert for sustained tonic muscle contractions lasting at least 9 seconds. This means that SeizureLink may set off an alert before shaking occurs to help you quickly recognize what’s going on.

And Here is What People Had to Say After Seeing it in Action…

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"I don’t have to worry so much while I am alone with my kids and worrying that they will be alone and afraid. I like that it will alert a caregiver immediately, so they can get to me quickly. They can help me, but they can also comfort my kids and help them, so they won’t be as scared. Before I used the SeizureLink System I felt like I was locked up in a little shell, if that makes sense. Now I have more freedom – a lot more freedom. And it feels really good"  -Chris 

NOTHING is faster than sEMG...

sEMG is the new standard in alerting systems because it recognizes an electrical muscle signal known as electromyography. Since this occurs on the surface of your skin, it is more properly known or referred to as surface electromyography or sEMG. And the greatest benefit of sEMG? It’s super fast! Alerts usually are triggered around 9 seconds versus 29 seconds or longer for other devices that solely rely on motion.

...And our accuracy is second to None

sEMG is what accounts for The SeizureLink System’s astonishingly high accuracy rate of 94%, low false alarm rate of 0.67 per day and only 1 false alarm per 82 nights.*

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A Closer Look At Our Unique Dual-Placement Electrode Patches

BRS_SL_Product_Beauty_5385 copy (1)

The Dual-Placement Electrode Patch is not only responsible for making the tiny SeizureLink Monitor adhere to the arm, but it’s also responsible for getting an accurate sEMG signal to the monitor.

BRS_SL_Product_Beauty_5524 copy (1)

SeizureLink electrodes are dual placement. That means you may get multiple wears from a single electrode!

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By using these non-invasive patches, you can expect the SeizureLink Monitor to not only be highly accurate, but also amazingly comfortable. It adheres to the biceps with an adhesive called hydrogel, which is non-invasive, non-toxic, and easy to remove from the skin. 


IN SUMMARY: Here’s Exactly How Our Exclusive  SeizureLink System Works In 3 Easy Steps!

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Here is What You Need To Know

  • Caregivers Notifications via Phone Calls, App and Monitor Alarm

The Monitor alerts Caregivers using the SeizureLink App. After the Monitor alerts with lights and an audible alarm, the SeizureLink System uses Bluetooth connectivity to send alerts and a phone call to Caregivers via the smartphone app.  Wearers can have up to 10 Caregivers and Caregivers can have up to 4 wearers. 

  • A Single App Does It All

The SeizureLink app offers everything you need including: keeping you instantly connected to the monitoring device and its alert signals, the ability to manage a seizure diary and create useful reports, and even lets you connect with other caregivers to keep them alerted. You get all of these vital benefits, right at your fingertips! The app is also FREE and EASY to use and works perfectly on both Android and Apple Smartphone devices! The Monitor connects to the app using Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  • A Powerful Monitor that Weighs Only 1 Ounce

The SeizureLink monitor is a small and lightweight device made in the USA that only weighs 1 oz and can easily be adhered to the belly of the biceps on any adult or child for easy monitoring. It’s tiny, discreet, and non-invasive so it can be easily integrated into any busy or active lifestyle without worry. It's dimensions are 2.5 in by 1.7 in by 0.6 in.  Comparatively, it is roughly the size of a sugar packet. 

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NOTE: It’s important to be aware that the SeizureLink System is not waterproof, so it’s not recommended to be worn during any type of strenuous activity that involves perspiration or water and must not be used in the bath or shower.


"The energy it takes to be constantly on alert is exhausting, and it’s a very stressful way to live - just waiting for something to go wrong. SeizureLink has given me more confidence and reassurance. It’s nice to know that if something happens to me, my husband/caregiver will be notified and can help me, if needed. SeizureLink has been helpful in allowing me to feel more independent." -Christalle


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Invest in the Health of Your Loved Ones with the SeizureLink System Today!

The SeizureLink System includes everything you need to get setup in just a matter of minutes. Below is everything that’s included in our revolutionary monitoring system…

  • 1 Tiny SeizureLink Biceps Monitor
  • 2 Rechargeable EZ Battery Trays
  • 1 Convenient Charging Dock
  • 1 Wall & USB Charger (110-220V)
  • 1 Easy-To-Follow Quick Start Guide
  • FREE Mobile App (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • Alerts and Notifications Included 👍
  • RESERVATION LIST BONUS: 1 Box of 32 Dual-Placement Electrodes (Up to a 64-Day supply!)
  • RESERVATION LIST BONUS: 1 Extra Rechargeable EZ Battery Tray

Purchase The Entire SeizureLink System Today For a One-Time Low Investment of Only $499



Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free Thanks To Our 30-Day Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee And 1-Year Limited Warranty!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the SeizureLink System. In order to remove any risatisfaction-guarantee-2109235_1920sk from your purchase, we’d like to offer you a complete 30-day Satisfaction Money Back guarantee, as well as a 1-year limited warranty on your investment.

If you’re unhappy for any reason within 30 days after your purchase, simply return your device and we’ll happily refund your purchase less shipping. To read out entire return and refund policy in detail, please be sure to visit here.


Do You Have Even More Questions About The SeizureLink System? (Will Be Expandable)

We understand that you may have several questions or concerns regarding The SeizureLink System. Below we’ve compiled many of the most commonly asked questions about the system, and the answers for you.

Simply click on the question you have below and it will expand with the answer. If you can’t find your answer within the FAQ section below, you can always reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to assist you!


The SeizureLink algorithm sends alerts when it recognizes sustained tonic muscle activity that lasts for at least 9 seconds. The Monitor sends alerts to caregivers when it senses prolonged tonic-muscle activity.


Yes. sEMG is a muscle signal. To recognize it accurately, the SeizureLink Monitor must be placed on the biceps. For proper placement and alerting, it must be placed right on top of what is called the ¨belly¨ of the biceps. 


Typically, insurers do not reimburse for alerting devices, but some insurers may cover some or all of the cost. Please check with your insurance carrier. We do not accept insurance filings for this product.


After the Monitor alerts with lights and an audible alarm, the SeizureLink System uses Bluetooth connectivity to send alerts to Caregivers via the smartphone app. The mobile app connects you to Caregivers, manages your seizure diary, creates reports, and includes location- based services. 


The SeizureLink product initially will only be available in the U.S. We will announce our plans for other countries in 2019.


No. The SeizureLink System is not a medical device, nor is it cleared by the FDA for medical device application. It is not cleared to monitor, treat, diagnose, or prevent a medical condition, nor is it intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.


People of All Ages Are Simply LOVING The SeizureLink System! (Will be expandable)

We’ve had numerous people of all ages and backgrounds have some pretty amazing success using The SeizureLink System. We’ve had young kids, mothers and fathers, caregivers and even the elderly use our alert system in order to bring forth more comfort and peace of mind in their own lives.

Here’s just a few of the positive testimonials we’ve received…

"We were part of the trial study. SeizureLink is an excellent product for detecting tonic clonic seizures for your loved one. The alert system works very well with the app and it can be used while you're at home or while you're away from your loved one. The team works very hard to keep updates coming quickly. I highly recommend as a great tool to bribe fast help and peace of mind for your loved one." - Benjamin

"SeizureLink delivers accurate results quickly to alert caregivers when a tonic-clonic seizure has occurred. It has given me reassurance and more independence. I recommend this device over other seizure alert devices I've tried in the past, due to accuracy and fast alerts." Christalle

"You have allowed me to feel more safe and in control of my life with this device. Knowing I am able to have my caregiver notified is simply the beginning of having my life back! I will forever be debted to you!"  -Chantel


Our Story (Will Be Expandable)

SeizureLink is personal to us.

When a young boy suddenly developed nocturnal seizures, his mom spent many anxious nights watching him sleep, afraid to leave him alone because of the unpredictable onset of his events. His family tried all available seizure detection technologies without success.

Along with a group of seasoned medical professionals, the family founded Brain Sentinel whose primary goal was to give families help when a loved one suffers from generalized muscle tension or spasms.

Now, Brain Sentinel Consumer Systems is making sEMG technology available in the home. Our goal is to provide products that offer the most accurate and quickest link between an event occurring and help arriving. We know how much families need assistance.

We get it. And we’re here to help.

Disclaimer (will Be Expandable)

The SeizureLink™ System monitors for muscle activation and it is not a medical device, nor is it cleared by the FDA for medical device application. It is not cleared to monitor, treat, diagnose, or prevent a medical condition, nor is it intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Use of SeizureLink is not a substitute for professional medical advice concerning your condition or medical treatment for you. Please consult your physician or your healthcare provider to ask questions, discuss your condition and the options for you. The System is not a substitute for proper supervision, inspection or observation of the wearer.  Always assure the wearer of the System has proper supervision. In order for the SeizureLink unit to alert and connect with wearers, caregivers, and other designated individuals (“Alertees”); Alertees must assure that the SeizureLink unit is charged appropriately, is Bluetooth connected to the wearer’s mobile device, caregiver’s or other designed individual’s mobile device, and is connected to a cellular network. The SeizureLink unit alerts only when the device is properly placed on the biceps muscle and is connected as communicated above and in accordance with the procedures outlined in the SeizureLink User Manual. Alertees should take caution that during a storm, an Act of God, or other events that is outside the control of Brain Sentinel, Alertees should check their connections periodically to assure the connection is established between the SeizureLink unit and their mobile device(s). If the unit is not connected properly, Alertees should not expect the SeizureLink unit to alarm during muscle activation.

What is the SeizureLink System?

The SeizureLink algorithm is muscle activated, not motion activated. It recognizes an electrical muscle signal. Since we recognize this signal on the surface of your skin, it is more properly known as surface electromyography, or sEMG. Because it is recognizing sustained tonic muscle signals, the SeizureLink algorithm can sense when the muscle clenches and tightens. And it does it fast — on an average of 9 seconds versus 30 seconds or more for other alerting watches and devices that rely on waiting for the body to shake. Measuring sEMG is what accounts for its high accuracy of 94%, low false alarm rate of 0.67 per day and only 1 false alarm per 82 nights.* The Monitor alarms and sends out a real-time alert to the app on a mobile device. This alert goes out to your selected caregivers so that you can get help as soon as possible. The event gets logged into a seizure diary on your phone so that you can add details to it later and share with your caregivers. 

How does SeizureLink work and why is it different?


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How do caregivers get notified on the SeizureLink App?

What is the age for wearers?

Does the System have status alerts to help me better manage it?

Is it FDA Approved?

Will this work on my phone?

What is the Bluetooth Range for the Monitor?

How is the Caregiver Notified and What Does the App Do?