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SeizureLink is the right signal when it comes to choosing an alerting system. This is because unlike other consumer alerting systems, it uses sEMG technology.

Recognizing Sustained Tonic Muscle Activity with Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

Because sEMG uses muscle to recognize sustained tonic-muscle activity, surface electromyography (sEMG) is an accurate and fast electrical signal. Through its sEMG sensors, the SeizureLink algorithm can sense when the biceps muscles clench and tighten during sustained tonic muscle activity, which can be recognized even when there is little or no visible movement.

What is sEMG?

sEMG is the new standard in alerting systems because it recognizes an electrical muscle signal known as electromyography. Since this happens on the surface of your skin, it is more properly known as surface electromyography or sEMG.

And it does this fast — on an average of 9 seconds versus 29 seconds or more for devices that rely on motion. sEMG is what accounts for SeizureLink’s high accuracy rate of 94%, low false alarm rate of 0.67 per day and only 1 per 82 nights.*

What Does Placement Have to Do with Accuracy?

To recognize sEMG signals accurately, the SeizureLink Monitor must be placed on the biceps using SeizureLink's Dual-Placement Electrode Patches. For proper placement and alerting, it must be placed right on top of what is called the ¨belly¨ of the biceps. It must be placed here because the biceps muscles are bigger and, therefore, have a stronger sEMG signal. This is one of the reasons why there is more accurate recognition using sEMG.

The Dual-Placement Electrode Patches

The Dual-Placement Electrode Patch is an important part of the SeizureLink System. It is not only responsible for making the Monitor adhere to the arm but is also responsible for getting an accurate sEMG signal to the Monitor. With these non-invasive patches, you can expect the SeizureLink Monitor to be accurate and comfortable. The electrode patch has a triode configuration that provides physical contact to three equally spaced points on the skin of the wearer’s biceps. It adheres to the bicep with an adhesive called hydrogel.

You can learn more about SeizureLink at the FAQ below as well:

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