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Alerts, Notifications, and Seizure Diary Reports Included at No Additional Charge 👍

The SeizureLink Alerting System requires no monthly service fee and offers 3 auto-renewal plans to keep you stocked up with dual-placement electrode patches. There's no need to ever run out.

Here's How Auto-Renewal Works:

  1. Pay no monthly fee for unlimited alerts and seizure diary reports using the free SeizureLink app.
  2. Auto-renew your replacement electrodes in quantities of 1 Box (2 month supply), 3 Boxes (6 month supply), or 6 boxes (1-year supply).
  3. Receive shipment notifications and modify your renewal plan any time you like.

*Each Box contains 32 Dual-placement Electrodes and lasts the average user approximately 64 days.

Here are the things you should know about the ordering process:

  • SeizureLink Electrode Patches are purchased and automatically shipped once your auto-renewal order is set up.
  • Modifications can be made to your plan any time
  • You can order additional supplemental boxes at any time
  • You will receive email notifications prior to the next shipment going out
  • Quantities per shipment can be 1, 3, or 6 boxes of 32 electrodes each 

1 Box Plan

Renews Every 2 Months. $89.99 Per Box

3 Box Plan

Renews Every 6 Months. $84.99 Per Box, Save 5.6%

6 Box Plan

Renews Annually. $74.99 Per Box, Save 16.7%

Here are a few things to consider as you set up your Electrode Patch Auto-Renewal plan:

  • There is no additional service fee for the app, alerts, or seizure diary reports
  • Save by subscribing to a larger quantity with prices as low as $1.17/day! And, save on fewer overall shipments
  • A box of electrodes lasts up to 2 months, although usage may vary
  • "Dual placement" means that you may get at least a couple of wears out of each one
  • Each electrode comes with a special plastic liner and resealable pouch making it possible to preserve the stickiness of the patch for multiple uses
  • Electrodes are non-invasive and can be removed anytime you want
  • Hydrogel makes it easy to adhere and remove from the skin

Getting Started Is Easy:

  • Send an email to SLSupport@BrainSentinel.com 
  • Let us know which Auto Renewal Plan you want: 1, 3 or 6 boxes
  • We will email you a special buy link so you can input your preferred credit card
  • Receive confirmations for both the order and shipping details
  • Know that we can customize the timing of your order if you need them more frequently