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This business is personal to us. Brain Sentinel started because a young boy suddenly developed nocturnal seizures. His mom spent many anxious nights watching her son sleep, afraid to leave him alone because of the unpredictable onset of his events. His family tried all available seizure detection technologies without success. They couldn’t believe there weren’t products on the market to help them and they wanted that to change.

The family along with a group of seasoned medical professionals founded Brain Sentinel whose primary goal was to give families help when a loved one suffers from generalized muscle tension or spasms.

In 2018, Brain Sentinel Consumer Systems is making sEMG technology available in the home. Brain Sentinel’s goal is to provide products that offer the most accurate and quickest link between an event occurring and help arriving--like SeizureLink. We know how much families need assistance. For us at Brain Sentinel, this is personal---and we’re here to help.