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Pay-As-You-Go Electrode Purchasing

Alerts, Notifications, and Seizure Diary Reports Included at No Additional Charge 👍

Buy the quantity you need to keep your SeizureLink System linked. Buy more and save! There's no need to ever run out.

    *Each Box contains 32 Dual-placement Electrodes and lasts the average user approximately 64 days.

    Here are the things you should know about the ordering process:

    1 Box Purchase

    Lasts about 2 months

    3 Box Purchase

    Lasts about 6 months (Save 4.4% per Box)

    6 Box Purchase

    Lasts about 12 months (Save 11.1% per Box)

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    Sampler Pack of 4

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    Here are a few things to consider when you buy additional electrode patches: 

    • There is no additional service fee for the app, alerts, or seizure diary reports
    • Electrodes are non-refundable and non-returnable
    • Save by ordering a larger quantity, and, save on fewer overall shipments
    • A box of electrodes lasts up to 2 months, although usage may vary
    • "Dual placement" means that you may get at least a couple of wears out of each one
    • Each electrode comes with a special plastic liner and resealable pouch making it possible to preserve the stickiness of the patch for multiple uses
    • Electrodes are non-invasive and can be removed anytime you want
    • Hydrogel makes it easy to adhere and remove from the skin

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