live confidently
Get the fastest and most accurate connection to help available.

Welcome to the new standard in consumer alerting systems using muscle, not motion. SeizureLink gives you the fastest alerting time available.


Because we understand that living with epilepsy can add anxiety and stress to daily life, we created a faster and more accurate personal alerting system. Now you can better manage your health, have more independence, and get a bit of relief.

Worn on the biceps, alerts come from sustained muscle contractions - not motion

Alerts caregivers about sustained tonic contractions within 9-12 seconds*

Automatically logs event data in a seizure diary

No monthly monitoring or alerting fees

Fast, accurate, and easy to use

Comfortable & Easy-To-Wear Monitor

· Wear it on the biceps muscle

· Audible alarm on the Monitor

· Easily swap battery without taking off the Monitor

· "Call for Help" button to manually trigger the alarm and alerts

Notifies up to 10 Caregivers on their phone and other smart devices

· Alerts to sustained tonic muscle contractions lasting at least 9 seconds*

· Phone calls and app alerts

Easy to manage on a single app

· Automatically logs events in a seizure diary

· Add and edit events on the app

· Easily export pdf record of diary in seconds

· App and alerts included at no additional charge

Have More Independence

Stay linked so you can follow your own path

Sleep Better

Low false alarm rate of 1 in 82 nights so you can get the sleep you need*

Be More Informed

Real-time alerts, notifications and a seizure diary help you better manage your life