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One Goal: To more accurately and quickly connect you with help*

The SeizureLink System is based on surface electromyography (sEMG), using muscle, not motion - the new standard in alerting systems.

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With SeizureLink™, you can be your own hero. Linked to call your caregivers to action when you need them most.

Place on biceps

Noninvasive and lightweight

Turn on

Checks your sEMG signal 1024 times a second


SeizureLink connects you to your Caregiver community

The New standard in alerting systems

sEMG Signal

Knows When to Alert: Picks up tonic muscle contractions even when there is no shaking, so it knows when to alert.


On Target: Recognized 94% of sustained tonic muscle activity in a study with a false alarm rate of 0.67 per day.*


The Fastest Signal in the Consumer Market: Works on average between 9-12 seconds.

Don't Lose Your Link

Keeps you connected with easily swapped batteries while wearing the Monitor. Stop waiting for a recharge!*

One App Does It All

Sending alerts, connecting you to caregivers, managing your seizure diary and creating reports; you can do it all with only one easy-to-use mobile app.*

Help/Cancel Button

A single button can call for help or cancel an alert.

Sleek Danish Design, Made in America

Beautiful, tiny, discreet and easy to use; the SeizureLink System was made to integrate into your lifestyle and help you make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Guarantee & Warranty Coverage

Your purchase is covered by a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.

Simple Pricing: No Surprises. No Gimmicks.

What you see is what you get. With your SeizureLink Monitor purchase and your electrode patch subscription, alerts are included. Period.


Everything you need to get linked quickly and easily:

1 SeizureLink Biceps Monitor
32 Dual-Placement Electrode Patches
2 Rechargeable EZ Battery Trays
1 Charging Dock
1 Wall and USB Charger (110-220V)
Quick Start Guide
Free App available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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Links On Links

When you use the SeizureLink Alerting System, you are connected in more ways than one. Join a community that is ready to help you with your healthy lifestyle choices.